The creation of the regional coalition structure will allow cities and towns to revitalize the interrelationship of prevention work with an expanded focus on the total lifespan and its effects on children and families. This broader scope is expected to improve the overall health and wellness for parents, children and our communities.


While prevention activities have mainly focused on risk factors, we know supporting the protective factors is equally important – things like positive parent-child relationships, effective communication, resiliency and skill development like limit setting – and are all things families and our community address throughout the lifespan.

The regional coalition structure will not only help prevent substance use and abuse, but will also help increase healthy choices and healthier lifestyles. Our goal is to increase physical activity, improve self-image, enhance self-control, expand involvement in sports as well as improve healthy eating, sleeping, stress management, and build stronger relationships. These are all critical elements to living a substance-free life, and allow our communities to maximize our potential for happiness, productivity and life.

The regionalization of prevention in Rhode Island has allowed for the incorporation of health promotion which recognizes:

  • Positive healthy lifestyle for prevention of substance misuse

  • Destigmatizing of mental illness and the impacts that can result

  • Foundations of early measures for families for substance misuse

  • Importance of stress reduction and support networks

  • Whole lifespan of a child and how to build good decision making, limits and self-control

  Regionalization. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and difference for our communities.