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2019 Newport County Mental Health Resources Guide
2019 Regional Mental Health & Substance Use Resource Guide

Use this helpful resources guide to find local mental health and substance use agencies and the services they offer, complete with helplines and hotlines for immediate help.  click here for complete Resources Guide











Newport County Faith-Based Organization Toolkit

This toolkit was developed specifically for faith-based organization leaders and members, recognizing the importance in reaching out to all children in your faith community. Use this toolkit as a resource guide to help prevent substance use within your congregations and in your community. Choose from the links below for available materials in toolkit:
Preventing Underage Drinking Handbook
Opioid Epidemic Practical Toolkit
The Importance of Student Assistance Counselors
Knowing the Risks of Opioid Prescription Pain Medications
Centers of Excellence for the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder
Free and Discreet Addiction Recovery Services at Providence Safe Stations
Naloxone Administration Training and Prescription Drug Safety Program







Raising Healthy Teens Newsletters

Raising Healthy Teens is published by the Newport County Prevention Coalition for parents of teens. In each issue you'll find expert advice on adolescent development, trends that pose risks to a teen's health and safety, and helpful how-to information.

February 2019
Legalized Marijuana and Edibles: A Threat to Public Health?
Suicide Concerns for Our Youth
Youth Voice: Be Great for Nate
Social Media: A Threat to Prevention, or a Tool for Success?
Recreational Marijuana in Local News
Trending Lingo: Crossfading
Newport County Coalition Meetings

Winter 2018-2019
FDA Calls Teen Vaping an “Epidemic,” Threatens to Pull Products Off the Market
Islanders Committed Youth Committee Kick-off the 2018-19 School Year
Grandparent Support Group
Go Purple Campaign
Faith Leaders - Partners in Prevention
Colds, Flus and Teachable Moments for OTC Medicine Safety
Healthy Habits of Emotional Well-Being
Coalition Meetings

Fall 2018
Nine Parent Tips for Talking About Marijuana with Your Teen
Juuling – A Dangerous Trend on the Rise
Practicing Prevention – 5 Good Reasons to Have Family Dinners
Managing Stress: Key to a Successful School Year
5 Stress Buster Tips for Teens
Teens Can Recharge with Sleep
Five Signs of Emotional Suffering

Our Vision

The Newport County Prevention Coalition envisions a county that embraces and promotes the health and safety of all its residents and is working toward achieving that vision through education, partnerships, and community collaboration.

Our Mission

The Coalition is an organized group of voluntary members representing and serving the constituencies of our region, concerned with the development, implementation, and support of effective community-based prevention programs.

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