Prevention studies show that when parents talk openly with their teens about the risks associated with substance use that teens are much less likely to experiment with alcohol and other drugs. The following expert resources will help to start and keep the conversation going. You will be heard, even if they don’t admit it. You’ll be protecting your teens in a way that respects their growing need for independence — by giving them the information they need to make healthy decisions when they’re out there on their own. It Starts With You. Talk early. Talk often. And listen.


Raising Healthy Teens Newsletter

We create online and print newsletters for parents and community leaders to keep them informed about substance use and arm them with the knowledge and skills needed to protect thier teens and promote wellness.


Online Parenting Newsletter


Support for Parents of Person with Substance Use Disorder



Drug Guide for Parents

This quick reference chart from The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids can be a very useful tool for parents in understanding facts and characteristics about some of the more common substances abused by kids. It covers street names, what they look like and how they are used, just to name a few. Read more


Family Check Up – Positive Parenting Prevents Drug Abuse

Families strive to find the best ways to raise their children to live happy, healthy, and productive lives. Parents are often concerned about whether their children will start or are already using tobacco, alcohol, marijuana or other drugs, including the abuse of prescription drugs. This publication presents evidence-based information developed by the Child and Family Center at the University of Oregon. Read more

Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit

Opioid overdose continues to be a major public health problem in the United States. It has contributed significantly to accidental deaths among those who use or misuse illicit and prescription opioids. In fact, U.S. overdose deaths involving prescription opioid analgesics increased to about 19,000 deaths in 2014 more than three times the number in 2001. Read more

From Rx to Heroin

Nearly half of young people who inject heroin start by abusing prescription (Rx) drugs. Teen abuse of Rx pain medicine, also known as opioids, usually starts in two ways. Some start abusing them at a party or with friends because they’re curious or think it will make them feel good. Others start taking them legitimately when prescribed by a doctor after an injury or dental procedure. Read more

Marijuana Use & Educational Outcomes

Studies show that marijuana interferes with attention, motivation, memory, and learning. Students who use marijuana regularly tend to get lower grades and are more likely to drop out of high school than those who don’t use. Read more

The Danger of Marijuana Edibles

Edible marijuana is very different and more dangerous than joints and other marijuana products. Emergency calls for marijuana poisoning have skyrocketed in Colorado since legalization. Read more

Special Concerns Associated with Marijuana Extractions, Concentrations, Infusions and Infused Foods

Commercial manufacturing of marijuana-infused products is an emerging industry, and regulation of this industry is still relatively new. There is no known published research that addresses how pathogens grow in marijuana extractions and derivatives. Read more

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