The Opioid Epidemic - Count It! Lock It! Drop It! 

Be part of the solution in three simple steps

  Count It: 

  • Monitor your meds. How aware are you of the quantities of meds in your home?
  • Keep track of the pills in your bottles and keep track of your refills. 

  Lock It: 

Take prescription meds out of your medicine cabinets. Secure them in a place only you know about.
If possible, lock your medicines, including over the counter meds, in a safe place that teens and other relatives cannot access.  

 Drop It:

 • Clean your medicine cabinets - Discard your expired and unused meds. 

 • Secure drop boxes are located at most police stations or 24 hour CVS pharmacy locations. 


Click Here for Opioid Facts for Teens


Parents: Talk Early. Talk Often. And Listen. It Starts With You!


NEW FUNDING OPPORTUNITY!  RFP   State Opioid Response (SOR) - Request for Proposals: Southern Providence Regional Coalition


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Raising Healthy Teens Newsletter

In each issue you’ll find expert advice on adolescent development, trends that pose risks to a teen’s  health and safety, and helpful how-to information for parents, teachers and everyone in the community  who works with teens.

Spring 2019
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How to Write a Safe Prom Plan
Drugs 101 – OTC Medication Safety Time to Count It. Lock It. Drop It!
Teachable Moments for Parents and Teens from TV & Movies
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Winter 2018
What Parents Have All Wrong About Social Media — and What Teens Have Right
Managing Holiday and Exam Stress for Teens
Drugs 101 – Cough Medicine Abuse by Teens
The Benefits of Making Family Dinners a Priority
Impaired Driving Shouldn’t Be Part of the Holidays

September 2018
Nine Parent Tips for Talking About Marijuana with Your Teen
Parents Can Help Their Teens Navigate Friendship Dynamics 
Helpful Tips for a Successful Transition Back to School
Drugs 101 – The Addictive Dangers of Juuling
Helping Your Child Build a Strong Foundation for Success


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